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A Year With a Camera 2022

A Year With a Camera 2022


Adding Map Style Switching to Mapbox using Matestack

I saw some developers do this on a React project and I was shocked at how much code was required and how complex it was.


Formula 1 2022 Preseason Team Ranking

My formula 1 2022 preseason team ranking based on what I think I know about the teams from their past performance.


Jeremy Grantham says a super bubble crash may be underway. Here's where he's stashing his cash - ABC News

A super bubble crash is afoot. Keep an eye out.

He makes some good points (And clearly knows what he’s talking about). One thing I didn’t see mention of is the amount of propping up economies around the world have had in the last two years. I think there was a stimulus package in the US alone of 1 trillion dollars.

There’s been a lot of free money thrown around recently and, of course, it’s not actually free.

Brisbane's Citipointe Christian College withdraws controversial sexuality contract after community backlash - ABC News

Christians being arseholes.

Researchers pitch pee-based fertiliser trial to make Brisbane parks a wee bit better - ABC News

My dad has been doing this forever. He’ll just walk out to the back yard for a piss. I might have done it once or twice too.

Reports sailors are enduring scorching conditions to repair 'stranded' HMAS Adelaide as COVID cases onboard rise - ABC News

Sounds like a fun trip.

Wordle has been acquired by the New York Times, and it may not remain free to play much longer - ABC News

There goes a nice, free piece of the internet.

Masi could be replaced as FIA race director after F1 finale controversy | F1 | News

Current race director Michael Masi could be replaced ahead of the 2022 Formula 1 season, according to the FIA’s head of single-seaters Peter Bayer.

If Peter Bayer says he’s out, he’s out.

2021 F1 finale shouldn’t detract from ‘best season for 40 years’ - Horner

Except it does.

It was the best season I’ve ever seen until, in the last few minutes, Michael Masi fucked it all up.

Winter Olympics: Athletes warned over speaking out on human rights issues - BBC Sport

Fuck China1.

  1. When I say fuck China I mean fuck the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  ↩

Czech singer Hanka Horká dies after intentionally contracting COVID-19 - ABC News

Darwinism at play.

Intel details mixed-source chip strategy and TSMC partnerships | Reuters

This is amazing; Intel outsourcing chip manufacture. It’s a very clever move and probably the only way Intel can dig itself out of the hole it’s in.

US President Joe Biden curses Fox News reporter after he asks about inflation - ABC News

Biden Says of the reporter: "What a stupid son of a bitch."

What I like is the reporter’s response in a later interview: "Nobody has fact-checked him yet and said it's not true."

Ukraine: US troops on high alert over stand-off - BBC News

This could end up as NATO v Russia war. The 8,500 combat-ready US troops that are on high alert for deployment are, at least at this stage, for deployment if Nato military alliance decides to activate a rapid-reaction force.

There are a few other NATO members (Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria and the Netherlands) sending military assets to the region as well. But I doubt there’d be unanimous support for military action among NATO members.

Depending on how it all unfolds, this could be damaging to NATO. This might even be a clever play by Russia to weaken NATO by widening divisions along the lines of where its members stand on action against Russia.


Rethink X

FIA Has Announced a New Single Seater Director

Peter Bayer has been appointed Single-Seater Director at the FIA, a position previously held by Michael Masi.


Ruby 3.1 Hash Value Omission

Ruby 3.1 introduces the neat feature of Hash value omission.


Masi Might Get Canned

Masi might be removed from his position as Formula 1 Race Director.


Python WTF

Python is actually a pretty decent language, but from a design perspective, it’s fucked. Ok fucked is a bit strong, but Python could have been much neater and more concise if a little good design had been applied.


Formula 1 Track Limits

Every race weekend, track limits is a contentious issue.


Formula 1 has a Respect Problem

Formula 1 has some problems. The path to solutions for the FIA is to take a big step back, act with humility, acknowledge mistakes, and genuinely decide to have a position of real respect for the sport, teams, drivers and fans.


A Formula for Time It Takes a Government Body in Australia to Complete a Task

Governments in Australia tend to be reactionary rather than proactive. Here’s a formula of how to know when to expect a government in Australia to get something important done.


Maryborough Catastrophic Failure of Flood Gates

Maryborough’s flood levee system has failed resulting in major flooding in the CBD. All due to a design flaw.


Productivity on a Pedestal

During a recent Covid lockdown a company was forced to allow employees to work from home and has deployed software on its employees laptops to measure their “productivity”. A clever employee was able to remain “productive” while watching cricket.


Formula 1 Finale Fiasco 2021

Both Max and Lewis were deserving of winning the 2021 title. Neither driver deserved to be robbed of a world title by incompetence from race direction.

And that’s exactly what happened. Michael Masi’s incompetence was the sole factor in deciding the Formula 1 world championship of 2021


Nick Cave and a Train to Berlin

On a train trip across Germany a few years ago, I had an idea. I would listen to all of my favourite Nick Cave songs and jot down the lyrics that move me. Over a six hour train ride to Berlin1, that’s what I did.


Love, God and Murder

A collection of some of my favourite Nick Cave lyrics.


A Year With a Camera 2021

A Year With a Camera 2021


Rails 7 Transforms a Ruby Hash into HTML attributes for ERB Interpolation

Rails 7 transforms a Ruby Hash into HTML attributes for ERB Interpolation, but does it make the world better?


A Year With a Camera 2020

A Year With a Camera 2020


A Year With a Camera 2019

A Year With a Camera 2019


Charlotte's First Song on a Piano

Charlotte’s First Song on a Piano.