47 percent Booster Uptake in NSW

This article states

About 47 per cent of eligible people in NSW have received their third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

With enough supply, this number should always be close to 100%. Certainly in the 90s. The set of people eligible for a booster who are anti-vaxxers is, empty. Eligible people will get a booster if it’s available. That the number is 47% has to indicate a supply problem.

I don’t know of any current supply chain issues with covid vaccines/boosters and it’s not like it’s a thing that has caught anyone by surprise. I wouldn’t even describe the booster demand curve as predictable. That demand curve is actually given.

To miss this demand by not offering enough supply requires actual effort. The capacity and infrastructure required to meet that demand is/was already in place, that’s how people became eligible for boosters. And the demand is less than what was required initially. Two shots to get vaccinated, one shot for a booster.

Maybe that’s how they got this wrong. In scaling down to the new known/given demand, they fucked up the calcs and went to 25% instead of 50% throughput.