Formula 1 2022 Preseason Team Ranking

My formula 1 2022 preseason team ranking based on what I think I know about the teams from their past performance.

I put this together about month or so ago and thought I better put it out there before the season actually starts. Just in the nick of time. Also, there’s not much chance of anyone accusing me of basing it on preseason testing as my list is at odds with the general concensus of the preseason testing pecking order.

There were a number of factors I used to rank teams each with its own weighting in the final scrore.

Formula 1 2022 Preseason Team Ranking Factors
Formula 1 2022 Preseason Team Ranking Factors

And the final ranking:

  1. Mercedes
  2. Redbull
  3. Ferrari
  4. McLaren
  5. Alpha Tauri
  6. Alpine
  7. Williams
  8. Aston Martin
  9. Alpha Romeo
  10. Haas

The most notable differences between my list and what preseason testing has “shown” us is I have Mercedes at the top and Haas at the bottom. Williams seems a bit out of place on my list too.

I think I need to give it about 1/4 of a season to let the pack settle, so about 5 races.

We’ll see.