Maryborough Catastrophic Failure of Flood Gates

Maryborough CBD evacuated as ‘catastrophic failure’ of gates under levee threatens major flooding

So they have a flood levee designed to keep major flood waters out of the CBD. This was in place and itself seems to have been fine, but the underground stormwater drain network has gates in it design to stop backflow in situations like these.

This is something that was not in place in the 2011 floods of Brisbane and people who thought they were safe from flood waters because they had higher ground between them and the river were flooded when water came up through the city’s stormwater drains. I had to help a friend move all furniture from the lower level of their house to the top floor. They got flooded to just under the top floor level. I remember watching the water coming up out of the drain with the level in the street rising steadily as it did.

In Maryborough, I imagine they have these gates installed in all the major storm water pipes leading into the river and it is some of these that have failed that has allowed flood waters into the CBD area. The whole system including a surely very expensive levee is for nothing if just one of these gates fail.

Why do they not have redundant gates in each pipe? Seems like a major design flaw to me. As a result, the system as a whole has failed.