Nick Cave and a Train to Berlin

On a train trip across Germany a few years ago, I had an idea. I would listen to all of my favourite Nick Cave songs and jot down the lyrics that move me. Over a six hour train ride to Berlin1, that’s what I did.

6 hours of Nick Cave is a wild ride, make no mistake. It’s a dark and turbulent world. In his own words

It is an absurd, crazy, violent world where people rage away and God actually exists.

This piece by Nick Groom, The Ten Best Nick Cave Lyrics, describes Cave’s writing particularly well.

Nick Cave’s writing is utterly singular: a bilious mix of the sacred and the profane fuels his lyrics. Biblical prophecy is mashed up with voodoo, parable and fable clash with lullabies and proverbs

Utterly singular. Yes. One of the best song writers of our time, I say.

So here it is, a collection of some of my favourite Nick Cave lyrics: Love, God and Murder.

  1. Berlin was a fitting destination as Cave lived and wrote some of his work in Berlin.  ↩