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FIA Has Announced a New Single Seater Director

Peter Bayer has been appointed Single-Seater Director at the FIA, a position previously held by Michael Masi.


Masi Might Get Canned

Masi might be removed from his position as Formula 1 Race Director.


Formula 1 Track Limits

Every race weekend, track limits is a contentious issue.


Formula 1 has a Respect Problem

Formula 1 has some problems. The path to solutions for the FIA is to take a big step back, act with humility, acknowledge mistakes, and genuinely decide to have a position of real respect for the sport, teams, drivers and fans.


Formula 1 Finale Fiasco 2021

Both Max and Lewis were deserving of winning the 2021 title. Neither driver deserved to be robbed of a world title by incompetence from race direction.

And that’s exactly what happened. Michael Masi’s incompetence was the sole factor in deciding the Formula 1 world championship of 2021