May 05, 2021

What now? Let me tell you what now...

These days I'm starting to focus on product work. Client work is great but it's not always as soul satisfying as it could be. You don't always get the choice to write great software. So I'm adding in a product focus so I can build things I'm really excited about.

Having redesigned my life a couple of years ago to replace work-life-balance with an integrated life, I'm very much continuing in that direction. It's great.

I'm always available to get my daughter to school, pick her up, spend time with her. I work whenever I can fit it and because I love what I do, it's always easy to sit down and punch out a couple of hours of in-the-zone work.

Kayaking has been a bit slow. With a seven year old you can't just head off for a couple of hours. Days when I don't have Charlotte, I'm busy catching up on the social aspects of life.

Photography is also a bit slow. I'm so motivated to write great software that other interests, especially ones creative in nature, are, less urgent. Plus, instagram isn't fun.

Apropos up next: de-platforming.